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The Founding Books
The ideas, concepts and teaching of the Society of HumanKind are briefly described in this 'Introduction' and are developed and more fully examined in its founding literature, the " Foundations of the Society of HumanKind " and its companion volume of " Essays ". Both founding books are reproduced in full on this website.

The Society is not permitted to proselytise. It should not be expected therefore, that either book will be easily read, or readily understood. In that connection serious readers should particularly note the advice given in the Foreword to 'Foundations' on the proper approach to the founding books. An effort to absorb and comprehend its founding literature is however, an indispensable preparation for an application for membership of the Society of HumanKind.

Other interested readers are free to explore the literature of the Society in the way, and to the extent, they choose. Both casual readers and prospective candidates are reminded however, that the Society is bound by its own principles to protect its copyright in its literature.

Questions may be asked, and clarification sought, by individuals, on any aspect of the Society of HumanKind by:-

  • email to:
  • log on to:, or
  • fax to:
    (+44) (0)20 8386 4629
  • post, enclosing a pre-paid self-addressed envelope , to:
    Society of HumanKind
    PO Box 226
    Hertfordshire, WD6 2ZN
    United Kingdom

    In accordance with its principles, no-one has authority to persuade any person to join the Society. Callers and other interested parties should note that any communication that falls into that category; amounts to such an attempt; or which draws any member of the Society into proselytising, will be ended without further explanation.

    Printed copies of the Founding Books
    Printed copies of the founding books of the Society of HumanKind are available to registered groups within the Society, and to individual candidates and members. Details and order forms can be obtained from the above sources and addresses. When writing, a pre-paid, self-addressed envelope must be enclosed.

    Applications for Candidature and Membership, and Registration of Groups
    Information and advice can be obtained from the Society by email, fax or post, or by message at the Society's website Club.
    Application for Candidate/Member
    Application for admission to the Society as an individual Candidate or Member should be made on the website form provided. Initial applications will only be accepted in the category of Candidate. All individual applications must be supported by a completed print out of a Declaration , forwarded by post to the Society with a registration fee ($3/2 or equivalent).
    Registration of Groups
    Use the Group Registration Form provided on this website to register groups within the Society. Applications will only be granted to registered Members or Elders of the Society on payment of a first annual administration fee of $15/10 or equivalent.
    All Candidate, Membership and Group Registration fees are paid into the funds of the Society of HumanKind, to be applied to its purposes.

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