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Applications for Candidature and Membership, and Registration of Groups
Information and advice can be obtained from the Society by email, fax or post, or by message at the Society's website Club.

  • Application for Candidate/Member
    Application for admission to the Society as an individual Candidate or Member should be made on the website form provided. Initial applications will only be accepted in the category of Candidate. All individual applications must be supported by a completed print out of a Declaration , forwarded by post to the Society with a registration fee ($3/2 or equivalent).
  • Registration of Groups
    Use the Group Registration Form provided on this website to register groups within the Society. Applications will only be granted to registered Members or Elders of the Society on payment of a first annual administration fee of $15/10 or equivalent.

All Candidate, Membership and Group Registration fees are paid into the funds of the Society of HumanKind, to be applied to its purposes .

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