We Are Alone,
Using only human capabilities and without relying on any external entity or power, the Society of HumanKind gives meaning and purpose to life and the whole history of human existence on our planet.

and We Can Save Ourselves,
The Society seeks to bring the living generation of human kind together in a cooperative effort to create and maintain the social and communal conditions that will enable us, by our own unaided efforts, to reunite all past, present and future members of humanity in an immortal existence beyond death .

through Unity, Peace and Progress.
By drawing humanity together to work toward an immortal existence for all humankind the Society provides a secure basis for peaceful communities; ensures equality and full development for everyone, and lays a sound moral foundation for human society and for the life of every individual.

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The thinking on which the Society is based is:

Starting point
Human individuals are mortal, but humanity has the potential to live forever.

Individuals and Communities
Individual human beings have always come together into mutually supportive groups. That habit was, and still is, essential to the survival and success of the human species. Such groups raise questions of relationships and co-operation between members, to which humanity has found a number of successful answers, producing a range of differing human communities all having the potential for infinite survival.

The Search for Meaning
Interaction between differing communities; human progress and changing circumstances generate debate, and occasional conflict, over the proper order of human society with its related question of the meaning and purpose of human existence. In response, a wide variety of religions, beliefs and philosophies have emerged over time, all claiming to provide the true basis for human social and moral life.

None of those religions and similar systems of ideas and beliefs have been able to unite humanity or to bring lasting peace and safety to our world. Indeed, differences between them has been at the root of many of the conflicts that still trouble our lives and threaten to destroy our environment. Without a reliable foundation for peace and cooperation between human communities, their stability and our long-term survival as a species are both now increasingly at risk.


The Society of HumanKind offers a new, and permanent, solution to these problems. It provides a new meaning and purpose to human life, based on a humanly achievable prospect of immortality for every past, present and future member of the human species which will reunite the whole of humanity in an immortal existence beyond death. That dual objective is summarised in its Aim.

Only two conditions are necessary for success in that unprecedented apocalyptic endeavour. First, that the human species should survive into the infinite future, and second, that there is continual growth in human abilities, knowledge and skills over that limitless time span.

Those Conditions cannot be achieved or maintained by individuals acting alone. The Society therefore exists to undertake, propagate, stimulate, and co-ordinate the discovery of a means for humanity to extend life beyond death.

In order to give itself the best possible chance of success, the Society will;
make its membership available to all humankind and seek to draw the whole of humanity into support for its Aim and activities,
be bound to treat every human individual, whether included in its membership or not, and all their individual talents, abilities and characteristics, as of equal value, equally to be fostered and developed, and,
be concerned to protect and preserve the whole of our environment and all sentient life within it, against the unforeseeable needs of future generations.

Membership of the Society is entirely voluntary. However, when its Aim is realised, the immortality so gained will not be confined to members. It will be extended to the whole human species, the dead, as well as the living and the yet to be born.

The Aim of the Society gives meaning and purpose to the life of every individual choosing to join its ranks; offers the prospect of an immortal existence beyond death, and provides a firm foundation for peaceful and secure human communities. It also lays a sound basis for human ethics and individual morality.

All that is asked in return is that as many of the living generation of humankind as are willing should join the Society and take up its Aim, Duty and Responsibility. That is also the sole requirement for admission to membership the Society.

The reasoning by which all these conclusions are reached and justified, and their implications for the shape and structure of our lives, are briefly set out in the later sections of this Introduction, and are further developed in the two founding books of the Society. Both books are reproduced in full on this website.


The Society of HumanKind
Is an organisation dedicated to providing meaning and purpose to human life and an eternal existence beyond death to every past, present and future member of humanity. It regards all previous explanations of the meaning and purpose of human existence as no longer adequate or appropriate to our needs. Its teachings provide a new answer to those questions, and lay a sound basis for secure, peaceful and moral communal life.

All this is achieved by offering a few simple propositions that, if accepted, will free any and every individual to join the Society and so take their own fate and that of the whole human species into their own hands for the first time in history.

The structure and constitution of the Society reflect that new freedom and the responsibilities it brings, giving its membership full control of the Society with responsibility for all its decisions and actions. Both Candidate and full Membership of the Society is, on application, open to all humanity. Each new member makes a unique and invaluable addition to its effort to bring immortality to all humankind.

The Society is deliberately independent, non-denominational and self-governing in order to allow all the talents, skills, abilities and potentialities of its membership to be focussed on its work. It is also non-commercial and non-profitmaking.

By the establishment of the Society of HumanKind, the whole of humanity will escape from reliance on God, his competitors, or any other outside agency for its protection, survival, and salvation, and gain an opportunity to bring immortality to every individual member of humankind, past, present and to come, through our own unaided efforts. All you need to do is join the Society today!

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