The Society of HumanKind does not depend on the existence of God, or any other entity or power responsible for, or having any continuing interest in, the existence or survival of human life in the universe. At the same time, the Society does not deny that God, or any of His many competitors for the devotion of humanity, may exist in our universe and be its originator and prime mover.
      That seemingly contradictory stance arises from the Axioms of the Society, which are its most fundamental ideas. One of the more important implications of those Axioms is that all human knowledge, whatever its nature or form, is inherently and ultimtely uncertain. Which means that the Society finds no certainty either in the belief that God exists, or the argument that He does not. The uncertainty of the Society applies equally to both.
      All these ideas are explored and examined in the Founding Books of the Society, the full text of which are available through the Founding Books links on the Society homepage. The Introduction to the Founding books, and the Essay on God to be found in the collection of 'Essays' are both specially useful in this connection.
      For those not yet familiar with the ideas and concepts of the Society it is enough to say at this stage that belief in God or any of His many competitors and alternatives is no bar to membership of the Society of HumanKind. Indeed, and to the contrary, the Society accepts a duty to foster and encourage any such sincere belief where it exists.
      The only requirement for membership of the Society is an acceptance of its Aim, Duty and Responsibility . In practice that means committment to the twinned objectives of ensuring the infinite survival of the human species under conditions that allow continuous growth in human skills and knowledge.
      Insofar as the Society is concerned any individual who can in all conscience reconcile their personal faiths or beliefs, whatever they may be, with a sincere devotion to that Aim, Duty and Responsibility can, on application , find a welcome place in its ranks.

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