Ideas and Concepts

      The Society is not dependant on the presence of God, or any other entity or power with a continuing responsibility for, or concern with, human existence or survival. The implications of that position are more fully described in the God link in this 'About the Society' section of the homepage.
      That being said, the fundamental ideas, concepts and principles on which the Society stands are simple in essence, but profound and far-reaching in their implications. They contain no mystic insights or revealed truths of any kind.
      The whole of the teachings and programme of the Society is built on three simple assumptions about the origins and nature of humankind. These three propositions form the Axioms of the Society. On that base the Society proposes a choice of meaning and purpose for humanity which is expressed in its Dogma .
       The whole of the thinking of the Society grows from those few small seeds. It is set out in the Founding Books of the Society which are freely accessible through the links on the Society homepage.

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