Joining the Society

      No application for membership of the Society, in any category, will be considered before:
  • a reasonable level of understanding of the contents of the Founding Books (which available for individual use through the Founding Books links on this homepage) has been obtained, and
  • all the steps described in the Essay on Evangelism have been completed.
These restrictions are applied to ensure that every applicant to the Society has fully, carefully and soberly considered all the implications of membership.

      In any event, no application will be accepted from, or on behalf of, anyone under the age of 18 years, although Members and Elders may register with the Society young persons for whom they have formal or legal responsibility.

Candidate, Member/Elder and Group applications to the Society
       Applications to join, or to register groups with, the Society are dealt with in last paragraphs of the Next Steps section of the 'Introduction' to the Founding Books. That whole section should be carefully read and any application should then be made through the links to be found in its concluding paragraphs.
      An application for admission to the Society as an individual Candidate or Member/Elder should be made on the website form available in the 'Next Steps' section of the 'Introduction'. Initial applications will only be accepted in the category of Candidate.
       Individual applications must be supported by a completed print out of an appropriate Declaration , forwarded by post to the Society with a registration fee ($3/2 or equivalent). Applications to form Groups within the Society will only be accepted from registered Members/Elders

      All Candidate, Member/Elder and Group Registration fees are paid into the funds of the Society of HumanKind, to be applied only and frugally to its purposes.
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