The Society

      The Society of HumanKind is an independent, self-governing, non-denominational and non-profit organisation, established in May 2000 to be ready, at the start of the second millennium, to give new meaning, purpose and a life beyond death to every past, present and future human life. Its activities are controlled and directed through a locally-based, democratic constitution. Membership is open, on application , to all humanity, whatever their personal faiths or beliefs, subject only to a sincere commitment to its wholly human-based Aim, Duty and Responsibility.
      The funding of the Society is described in the "Funding" item of these "About the Society" links, and the self-governing structure of the Society, with its rules and procedures are set out in the Ordinances section of the first Founding Book, "Foundations". The "Ordinances" identify the membership of the Society as being solely and fully responsible for all its decisions and actions.
     "Foundations", and the other Founding Books of the Society, can be accessed on this site, through the links to be found on the Society homepage.

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