The Principles of the Society give rise to a viable and effective code of personal morality, and provide a sound basis for secure and peaceful community life. They also lead to the prospect of a perpetual life beyond death for every individual member of all past, present and future generations of humanity. However, those same principles lead to the conclusion that all human knowledge is ultimately uncertain, including therefore, the thinking on which the Society itself is based!
      How all those conclusions and discoveries are combined to open a new path to the unity, peace and liberation of all humanity, and a realisable prospect of an infinite existence for every past, present and future individual is fully set out in the Founding Books . The text of those Books is available on this site, through the links on the Society's homepage.
       For the moment however, visitors to this site may be assured that the uncertainty of all human knowledge, including its own, is fully accepted by the Society. Its rules therefore preclude it, or its members and supporters, from making any attempt to persuade anyone either to abandon their existing faiths or beliefs, or to accept those of the Society.
     In accordance with the conclusions reached in the Essay on Evangelism publication and distribution of its founding literature is the only method used by the Society to encourage anyone to consider subscription to, support for, or membership of, its ranks. Accordingly, neither the Society or any of its representatives will contact or approach any visitor to this website unless directly requested to do so.

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